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• Investments/Venture Capital-Ref.EM
US based private equity firm specialising in investment in early stage technology companies with revenues and rapid growth potential for USA market penetration. Company seeks emerging high technology companies with innovative (not replacement) technology serving the following business markets : communications and related products; IT software and hardware products (business to business); sensor systems for quality control; industrial automation; process control; smart systems for the food and beverage industry.

• Sensors & Components-Ref. MJ
$7 million UK based subsidiary of a major US international industrial group, designs, manufactures and sells a variety of magnetic products including reed relays and switches, level and flow sensors, transformers and other wound components. The company is seeking, innovative and proprietary electronic, electro-mechanical and wound componement, magnetic systems and also related assemblies. They are willing to consider acquisitions , licensing-in, joint ventures, distribution and subcontract manufacturing.

• Engineering-Ref.SCH
UK based $ 300 Million sales subsidiary of a major multinational engineering group specialising in highly innovative machinery, speciality vehicles (including off-road) and novel tractor attachments for park and street maintenance and cleansing, highway repair, golf courses and grass maintenance. Its manufacturing operations in the USA and UK are flexible and can produce specialist machinery and vehicles using mains or battery powered electric motors or internal combustion engines. The company seeks to broaden its range of products by company acquisitions and by licensing in, particularly for municipal vehicles.

• Medical-Ref. AA
Major multi-national manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and systems with excellent scientific technical development, financial and marketing resources. Seeks to licence-in or acquire innovative new materials and implant design, surface treatment, improved wear and bio-compatibility. Also seeks advanced products and systems for minimally invasive surgery, especially computer-aided surgery technique.

• Packaging / Converting-Ref. RM
Dynamic UK based plastics and paper converting company with million sales, selling throughout the world, specialises in self adhesive films and tapes , in complex and high value added labelling systems, self adhesive films and many other creative and imaginative applications of converted paper and film. The company seeks products, processes, technology and applications based on proprietary or innovative technology to be secured by licensing in and by other commercial means.

• Packaging /Converting-Ref. VD
$200 MILLION SALES European an d North American based quality speciality paper manufacturing and converting group, manufactures and converts paper, card and board for the international printing, writing ,security and transfer markets. The company is seeking novel manufacturing and converting processes to add value to paper, card and board substrates, e.g. coating, laminating, printing, slitting, embossing and glueing.

• Capital Machinery-Ref. KSC
$7 million, UK specialist machinery manufacturing company that designs, manufactures, sell and installs capital plant with continuous processing (e.g. extruding) technology for non-ferrous metal profiles (e.g. for the cable industry). Also large coil handling equipment. The company serves niche heavy duty coil reel handling machinery. They are willing to consider acquisitions, licensing-in and joint ventures.

• Personal & Home Care-Ref. KS
Major division of a $ multi billion sales FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) producer has very strong consumer brands (globally in germ killing). The company specialises in home hygiene and domestic cleaning products. The company seeks to licence in proprietary and / or innovative formulations and technologies and to acquire additional brands or niche companies in the surface disinfection market and OTC markets. The company is particularly interested in advanced technology for household domestic air purifiers, ionisers, humidifiers, air filtering systems, odour control, etc...

• Engineering-Ref. GEH
World leader $70 million sales Europe and US based manufactured of highly specialised capital equipment for the textile and carpet industries specialising in high speed mechanical elements in machines which are operated by complex computer controlled servo systems. The company seeks equally sophisticated capital value machinery for news markets - particularly specialist printing, packing, handing and industrial automation.

• Chemicals-Ref. AW
$400 million sales UK based international producer of chemicals, polymers and processing equipment for the preservation and beautification of timber and wood composites. The company seeks complementary chemical processes and technologies to manufacture and sell to timber converters and to the building and furniture industries internationally. Of particular interest are treatments / coatings for fire retardancy.
Acquisitions, licences, joint ventures, are all of interest.

• Instrumentation / Control-Ref. BK
UK based $20 million subsidiary of a major international industrial group, designs, manufacturers and sells a variety of appliance control systems - in particular, gas and electric cooker controls - to the major appliance manufacturers in Europe. The company has excellent skills in electronics, electro-mechanics and mid volume automated assembly. It has an excellent reputation for quality and service. The company seeks
Proprietary or innovative control products for the domestic and commercial appliance markets and for other mid to high volume markets.

• Cosmetic Packaging. Ref. NC
UK and US based designer and manufacturer of deep drawn anodised and finished aluminium components for packaging, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and perfumery products - for example, lipstick cases and perfume bottle tops. The company seeks additional techniques to add aesthetic appeal to aluminium components and new products to introduce to its high quality packaging industry customers.

• Monitoring & ControI Systems - Ref. BSH
UK based subsidiary of a very large mufti-disciplined engineering group. lt designs and manufactures complex instrumentation and central systems used in aerospace, marine, racing car and other highly challenging environments and markets. lt also provides logistics and spares support for aviation and maintains and supports central equipment for the marine and other markets. The company seeks proprietary or innovative electrical, electromechanical and electronic technologies and products.

• Compressor
FAST AS is one of the largest compresser manufacturers in Denmark. Continual product research and development has net only resulted in extremely high capacity compressors, but compressors which are more quiet, more compact, and of modern design. All this is aiming at producing compressors to meet the demands of todays modern industry for high quality and reliability, long life, low operation and maintenance costs, as well as an efficient customer service. Today FAST AS experts to Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East.
FAST AS are searching for joint ventures (OEM'S), distributors and agents in each country
for its fine of advanced, high quality air compressors covering the range 0,18 - 132 kWh.
The distributor we are searching for should have the following qualifications:

- should be well acquainted with compressed air technology equipment

- should have sales channels to industry and professional crafts men

- Should be able to service compressors with own workshop and own service cars
The company searched for will probably have a staff of 5
- 25 persans
Our client have full documentation of the compressor programme in English and German.
The compresser programme is characterised by high reliability, durability and low maintenance costs.

• Toiture et Tuiles en acier et aluminium.
Ref. : 001. 262
Company figures :
Année de fondation : 1986
Employés : 10
Chiffre d'affaires : 2 mln. euro
Activités :
L entreprise, installateur de couvertures et bardages en aluminium, PVC et acier, est specialisée dans les toitures en aluminium et distribue des tôles profilés en aluminium.
La société acte aussi en tant que représentant d'un fabricant de systèmes de toiture en acier et de tuiles en acier et aluminium pour la Belgique et la France.

- Les systèmes de toiture sont légères, autoportantes, couvertes d'un coating coloré, inaltérables, facile à installer et à entretenir et offrent une très bonne alternative pour les couvertures traditionnelles.

- Les tuiles sont de haute qualité. Elles ont une grande durabilité, demandent peu d'entretien et ont un prix concurrentiel. Elles peuvent être utilisées aussi bien pour de nouveaux bâtiments que pour des rénovations.

- Clients :
Distributeur de matériaux de couverture. Secteur du bâtiment.

- Marchés d'exportation : France (très limité - vente directe)
Type de coopération souhaitée : l'entreprise recherche des distributeurs en France pour les systèmes de toiture en acier et les tuiles en acier et alumunium. Le but de la société belge est d'avoir un revendeur pour chaque département en France.
Les partenaires idéals seraient des sociétés actives dans le domaine de l'installation et/ou la distribution de matériaux de couverture de toits et de bardages.
Région géographique recherchée : France

• Belgian Microwave Engineering Compagny is looking for distributors or representatives in Europe. Ref. VB. 99005
The company, which was established in 1996, is active as a custom design and testing corporation in the microwave engineering field (RF design).
At the moment the company employs 3 fulltime people. On top of that it works with 2 freelance designers and 1 persan for the assembly.The company has alliances with several academicinstitutions.
Clients are to be situated in the field of GPS, satellite communication, cellular telephony, wireless LAN and surveillance.
The major expert countries are the United States, Canada, India and lsrael (ail via representatives).
The company's activities can be grouped into three fields:

1) Low-cost consumer products. Typical designs iqdude products on 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, ISM and cellular bands. For projects that include Spread Spectrum, the company collaborates with a specialised partner, who focuses on the design of CDMA ASICS.

2) High end, small serres products. Examples are a Ku-Band transceiver, an X-Band video-link, L- to K-Band receiver front ends, a 50 W SSPA for S.
Sand and a 25 W SSPA for X-Band. For these kinds of products the company can also take on manufacturing.

3) Antennas
Current microstrip antenna designs indude work on 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, X-Band, ISM and cellular bands. The company aise provides a range of parabolic dishes with diameters form 25 to 80 cm.
The daily engineering activities include the design of PLL'S, amplifiers (wide and narrow band), power amplifiers, high lP3 low now noise amplifiers, intermediate frequency amplifiers, AGC circuits, filters (fixed or tuneable), switched filters, up- and downconverters (wide and narrow band), telemetry transceivers, microstrip antennas and parabolic dishes.
Co-operation sought :
The company is looking for representatives or distributors in Europe. Potential partners will be charged selling the company's engineering services.
Deal partners would be companies already active in the RF sector.
Target countries :
countries, Switzerland, Norway.

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